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Decorative Three-Dimensional Relief Woodcarvings


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Clocks and Decorative Wood Customized for the home and office


Here is where you will find a sampling of custom designs. The intent is to offer you many samples of my work to give you an idea of just what I can do and to spark your imagination.

We can take high quality graphics file or original ideas and create a custom piece carved in wood just for you or your company.

Make your organization's logo into a plaque, sign or other decorative or functional wood piece for the office or as a client or employee gift.

Make your favorite photo of your child, grandchildren, wedding, anniversary or any other photo into a plaque, clock, or other decorative wood piece for a truly unique gift.

Custom Pieces

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Wood clocks with Initial

Beware of Plaque

Golf Plaque for the 19th hole

Custom wood carved ornament

Give a gift to a loved one, client or employee that will stand the test of time. Decorative and functional wood gifts with a personal touch. Shop Now >>


16" x 10" Image Carving from Wedding Photo (3 Generations)

A Personal Photo ...

The likeness was generated using the very large (12Mb) supplied JPG image file. The image was edited from the original. The likeness was carved into the plaque surface.


... transformed into a permanent keepsake!

Give a gift to clients, decorate your offices to establish memorable branding and improved employee morale. Request A Quote >>

16 ½ " x 11" Plaque – The Old Guard House Inn

An artists rendering ...

... becomes an artistic sign!

The Old Guard House Inn is on the Main Line of Philadelphia and the founder of ABI Woodworking frequented this as a great spot to celebrate special occasions with family and friends.

The supplied graphic image of the restaurant was carved into the piece. The background at the base was removed leaving the logo and lettering raised.


10" Square Plaque & 10" by 15" Door Sign with Logo
(eRose Web & Business Services, LLC)

From Logo file ...

Logo for web design company to be converted into an office sign

The logo was generated using a combination of the supplied image and vector files. The sign background was removed leaving the logo and lettering raised.

... to Door Signs ...

Wooden Door sign for office of web designer

... or Plaques for the office

Wooden Plaque of company logo that can be used as sign or decoration

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