ABI Woodworking a division of A Buster Inc

Decorative Three-Dimensional Relief Woodcarvings


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Clocks and Decorative Wood Customized for the home and office

ABI Woodworking

ABI Woodworking provides custom wood carved products for the home or office.ABI Woodworking is currently owned by Edward Rose and is a division of eRose Web and Business Services, LLC. Ed started woodworking under the instruction of his father Gordon Rose and has maintained an interest in it as a hobby for decades. For the ownership transition Ed will continue to work closely with the ABI Woodworking Founder, Bill Marlin, to ensure the highest quality standards are continued for customers like you.

Our goal is to maintain the same great quality and creativity you are used to. Ed founded eRose Web & Business Services over 12 years ago and is eager to bring his creativity and design skills to your custom woodcarving projects. We especially enjoy helping the small business entrepreneur, and feel these products are great for office signs...'to hang out your shingle' as they say. (Alright, hardly anyone says that anymore but these do make great signs for your office.)

Company History

ABI Woodworking was created by William Marlin and until October 2017 was a division of A.Buster, Incorporated. Bill has been working with wood for well over 35 years - from building tables and display cases to constructing complete built-in libraries. He has also been working with digital and graphic art files for over 20 years. He combined these capabilities with advanced woodworking technology to create the pieces presented in this website and on Amazon.

The items pictured in the Gallery and in the Store can be found in homes and businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

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ABI Woodworking